BISON-Group meets future challenges head-on

Okuma Europe shipped a total of 40 new machine tools to the Polish BISON-Group, the industry-leading manufacturer of chuck-tools. To combat the lack of qualified personnel in the economically weak area surrounding the town of Bialystok in Poland, an in-house training facility – the BISON academy – was set up. An exciting story for a case study! AzetPR made their way to Poland to research the story on-site.  

The BISON group invested 70 Million € to completely renew their production. Given the growing trend towards custom chuck tools, the new machines needed to enable high amounts of production flexibility. Okuma’s MULTUS U series of multitasking machines offers just that. Additional machines for very large workpieces as used in the wind and energy industries were also added to the facility. A project of this scale demands for a service that goes far beyond machine delivery. That is where the BISON academy comes in! Here, Okuma-experts are transferring their extensive know-how of the machine tools to new and established BISON staff.

AzetPR send a team of three to have a look around the vast production plant. In an interview, BISON CEO Jacek Latomski told us how the Okuma machines helped him reduce labor cost and facilitate on-demand production. The 40 new and state-of-the-art CNC machines lend themselves to some great shots for our on-site press photographer. The case study has successfully been published in select trade magazines all over Europe.