Online-marketing via Owned Content

Online-marketing via Owned Content

The term „owned media“ describes all media channels wholly owned by a company. These channels are either administrated by the corporate communications division or by an external agency. Owned media can encompass digital channels like corporate blogs, e-papers as well as traditional corporate publications such as customer and employee magazines or brochures. Owned media has the advantage of being entirely in a company’s control with regard to its content, tonality and layout. Companies benefit from increased publicity without having to resort to paid media – i.e. advertising, sponsoring or native advertising. In this way, owned media avoids gate keepers while producing authentic content to strengthen customer and employee relations.

Earned exposure

Owned media has the objective of providing relevant and entertaining content for its target audience while creating and maintaining positive brand awareness. However, by no means should the content have a commercial or promotional bent as that would alienate the recipient. Instead, it needs to provide an added benefit by relating audience-specific information. In this way, companies reap the benefits of earned media. This acquired media exposure is the result of users recommending and sharing content, either by word of mouth or by making the content go viral through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media.

High authenticity

While it is true that earned media generates attention without eating up the advertising budget, one would be mistaken to assume that it is entirely free. Instead of paying for ads and campaigns, companies need to invest both time and resources into producing content. The same goes for analysing the success of owned media. In contrast: once commissioned, an advertising campaign demands little effort on the company’s side. However, the reward for well-crafted content is increased media exposure.

Engaging the audience

Engaging content is key when it comes to owned media. It should reach the audience on an emotional or intellectual level while being relevant and offering an added benefit. Owned media should not only promote the relationship between a company and its audience, but also the relationships within the audience. This can be achieved both online, e.g. in virtual communities, or offline at dedicated events.