Abrasiv Recycling Unit (ARU) by ANT Applied Technologies

Inline recycling process with low energy and space requirements

With the Abrasive Recycling Unit (ARU), ANT AG makes the production process of abrasive cutting even more profitable than before. The inline recycling process allows up to 80 percent of the abrasive used to be recycled. The processing unit is also characterized by low energy consumption.

Disposing of abrasive can be time-consuming and costly. To counteract this, ANT developed the resource-conserving and at the same time high-performance Abrasive Recycling Unit (ARU). Thanks to ARU, the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting process produces considerably less waste. The system treats the abrasive entirely without drying, ensuring energy-efficient reuse. The recycling unit is furthermore designed to be space-saving so that it can be used in confined production environments as well.

Up to 80 percent abrasive to be recycled

The cutting water collected in a tank during the machining process contains both abrasive and cutting material. With the help of the ARU by ANT, the solids are discharged via the cutting table into the wet tumbler screen machine, which allows grain sizes from 125 to 350 μm to pass through. Undersized particles unsuitable for recycling are separated here together with the joint material and discharged into the abrasive scrap container. Up to 80 percent recycled, moist abrasive remain. The product reaches the wet hopper with a maximum mass flow of 100 kg/h via the recyclate outlet.

Consistent cutting performance

The wet hopper, a funnel with a capacity of up to 500 kg, catches the recycled abrasive. It is also used to feed new abrasive from a storage container connected to the ANT ConSus® system. The mixture of recycled and new abrasive leaves the wet hopper intermittently at a maximum rate of 100 kg/h. The wet hopper is then filled with new abrasive. After this step, the WAS can start again. Via the abrasive mixing unit (AMU) and through the nozzle, the suspension is directed to the workpiece as a razor-sharp cutting jet. According to results of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, using WAS, there is no significant shift to smaller grain sizes prior to the actual machining process. This also speaks for recycling the abrasive. In addition, there is no loss in cutting performance.

ANT Applied New Technologies AG

ANT Applied New Technologies AG is a worldwide technology leader for mobile waterjet cutting and now offers the suspension method stationary for the processing industry. The core competency lies in water abrasive suspension (WAS) cutting technology and in special-purpose mechanical engineering. ANT customers across the globe count on reliable service. The systems by ANT AG have a high availability with reliable process accuracy.

The training and experience as well as the personal commitment of ANT AG’s employees guarantee for the high quality and functionality of the systems and for their successful deployment at the customers’ premises. ANT secures the technological know-how through various worldwide patents. ANT AG does not only sell products, but also individual solutions. For more sustainability, the specialist for Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) and special-purpose mechanical engineering offers solutions to the customers that concern the topics abrasive recycling and water treatment. More information on https://ant-ag.com/en.

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