Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU by ConSus

Abrasive reprocessing minimizes costs and increases sustainability in waterjet cutting

ConSus ARU

Photo ConSus: ConSus’s new Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU (with drying system for WAIS) enables the reuse of the abrasive to increase sustainability.

The new Abrasive Recycling Unit ARU from ConSus enables the reprocessing and reuse of the abrasive material. The ARU impresses with particularly high output at low energy requirements and is suitable for both the conventional Water Abrasive Injection (WAIS) method and the high-performance Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) process. Especially in combination with the ConSus abrasive mixing unit, users can significantly increase the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of their cutting processes.

In abrasive waterjet cutting, garnet sand is added to the water jet as a cutting agent, the procurement costs of which have risen continuously in recent years. On top of this are high costs for storage and disposal. The new ARU enables the resource-saving recycling of over 100 kg of abrasive per hour on site.

Flexible use in WAIS and WAS cutting processes


Photo ConSus: Recycling of the abrasive grain after using it as a cutting agent provides a significant cost reduction for procurement, storage and disposal.

The ARU can be used with both systems, WAIS as well as WAS. The combination with the ConSus WAS abrasive mixing unit enables recycling of at least 80 percent of the abrasive while fully maintaining its cutting performance. In the WAIS process, there is a system-related significant comminution of the abrasive while creating the jet. In this case, the ARU enables a reprocessing of up to 50 percent with almost completely preserved cutting performance. When used in a WAIS system, the ARU must be extended by an optionally available drying unit to ensure that the abrasive is free-flowing and can be sucked into the mixing chamber.

ConSus 1500

Photo Consus: The ConSus abrasive mixing unit enables continuous waterjet cutting in the machining industry.

Resource-saving and energy-efficient

The ARU allows users to significantly reduce their abrasive consumption as well as their dependence on suppliers. The drying unit developed by ConSus for the combination with WAIS systems is notably energy-efficient. When using the ARU with the ConSus WAS abrasive mixing unit, the moist recyclate can be fed directly back into the cutting process without time- and energy-consuming drying. Thus, it is optimizing sustainability.


ConSus – ANT Stationary Cutting Solutions GmbH is part of the ANT Group and specializes in the requirements of the processing industry. ANT is the technology and market leader for mobile waterjet cutting and has more than 20 years of experience with Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology. The newly founded ConSus GmbH supports customers worldwide to benefit from the cost-performance advantages of the WAS process in stationary applications as well.

The core competency of ConSus GmbH and the ANT Group lies in the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology and in special-purpose mechanical engineering. Numerous worldwide patents prove the technological know-how of the company group.

More information at https://www.consus-gmbh.com/.

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