Bergolin Leading Edge Protection 6D2900 – High erosion resistance with short drying times

The leading edge of a rotor blade is one of the most stressed parts of a wind turbine and has correspondingly close maintenance intervals. The professional application of an edge protection coating – or Leading Edge Protection – is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but extremely important for the long-term operation of a turbine. This is why Bergolin is presenting the latest development of its Leading Edge Protection at WindEnergy 2022 in Hamburg, which brings considerable process advantages for its users.

High erosion resistance

Bergolin LEP 6D2900 contains all the characteristics of the popular edge protection coatings from Bergolin. The user gets a pigmented, solvent-free and lightfast 2-component liquid plastic on polyurethane basis, which was specially developed for erosion protection of rotor blades. The strong adhesion properties on GRP surfaces are just as much part of the requirement profile as the very high resistance to UV radiation as well as general weathering resistance. The latest development of Bergolin LEP thus fits seamlessly into the existing product portfolio and can be applied to all GRP surfaces in conjunction with the well-known Bergolin putties.

Photo: Bergolin Leading Edge Protection

Photo: Bergolin Leading Edge Protection © Bergolin

No grinding, no topcoat

When processing the Bergolin LEP 6D2900, the advantages compared to other edge protection systems become clear. For one thing, the LEP is self-repairable. Thus, in case of maintenance, no further products are needed to restore the complete functionality of the system. For another, the LEP 6D2900 features an above-average smooth finish.

In addition, Bergolin further reduces process complexity on the blade, in which no additional topcoat needs to be applied. For a complete coating of the leading edge, OEMs and service users need only two products: a suitable putty, such as Bergolin Putty 4D480-4, and Bergolin Leading Edge Protection 6D2900.

Short process times and reduced consumption

Users achieve the required erosion resistance with Bergolin’s LEP after only two applications, with the second layer ready for application after just 20 minutes. Drying level seven is achieved after just 16 hours at an ambient temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and the rotor blade is ready for further processing.

When used properly, material consumption can be significantly reduced with the latest Leading Edge Protection from Bergolin. Despite the high layer thickness of 300µm, users can save up to 25 percent material thanks to the 2-layer structure of LEP 6D2900. Compared to other edge protection systems, users optimize both process times and material consumption.

Chart: Coating buildup – Bergolin Leading Edge Protection

Chart: Coating buildup – Bergolin Leading Edge Protection
© Bergolin

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