Continuous cutting performance using only water and abrasive

The ConSus® system by ANT AG

The technology company ANT AG offers an innovative solution for a continuous suspension process with the ConSus® abrasive mixing unit. With this technology, the Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) can now also be used in the manufacturing industry. The suspension jet enables a more efficient cutting performance and a lower user load compared to the conventional Water Abrasive Injection (WAIS) systems.


Photo ANT AG: ConSus® (Continuous Suspension) system by ANT

ConSus in a row

Photo ANT AG: Lower emissions with the ConSus® system

Consus inside

Photo ANT AG: Interior view of ConSus®

In contrast to three-phase WAIS systems with water, abrasive and air, WAS systems work with a two-phase blasting tool. The cutting jet consists only of water and abrasive with a precisely adjustable flow rate. This suspension is created by the interaction of a main stream and a bypass stream.

Suspension process convinces with higher effectiveness

Before the WAS arrives at the remotely handled cutting nozzle, it is put under high pressure. The high energy creates a cutting jet in the nozzle which exits at nearly twice the speed of sound. The efficiency is considerably higher than in the injection process, where turbulent mixing losses occur due to the contained air. In addition, the jet is more focused and cuts even the hardest materials precisely.

ANT’s ConSus® (Continuous Suspension) system is operated at working pressures between 500 and 1500 bar. Compared to conventional waterjet cutting processes, the ANT suspension jet operates at less than half the pressure and, depending on the desired cutting performance, twice to three times the feed rate. The user receives thin kerfs without hardening or material deformation.

ConSus®: Lower emission levels

ConSus® also offers advantages in work safety with its worldwide patented lock system. Research conducted by Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology confirm that even at maximum working pressure (1500 bar), the noise exposure is still 70 percent below an injection jet operated at 5000 bar with conventional industrial waterjet cutting systems. Lower system pressures and high abrasive loads, which are characteristic for ConSus®, also have been shown to reduce the emission of solid particles. Injection systems operating at much higher working pressures for the same cutting performance cause up to twice the particle emission concentration.

ConSus® can be integrated into any existing waterjet cutting system, whereby only the pump and control need to be adapted. It can be operated both above and below water without the influence of air or heat. It thus meets the requirements of the manufacturing industry, the offshore sector and nuclear energy companies as well as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD/IEDD). ANT received the Best of Industry Award 2018 in the category Forming Technology and Sheet Metal Working for its innovative and powerful ConSus® solution.

ANT Applied New Technologies AG

ANT Applied New Technologies AG is a worldwide technology leader for mobile waterjet cutting and now offers the suspension method stationary for the processing industry. The core competency lies in water abrasive suspension (WAS) cutting technology and in special-purpose mechanical engineering. ANT customers across the globe count on reliable service. The systems by ANT AG have a high availability with reliable process accuracy.

The training and experience as well as the personal commitment of ANT AG’s employees guarantee for the high quality and functionality of the systems and for their successful deployment at the customers’ premises. ANT secures the technological know-how through various worldwide patents. ANT AG does not only sell products, but also individual solutions. For more sustainability, the specialist for Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) and special-purpose mechanical engineering offers solutions to the customers that concern the topics abrasive recycling and water treatment. More information on

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