Romaco at AAPS 2019 in San Antonio, Texas

Concentrated laboratory expertise

Single-source supplier Romaco will take advantage of the upcoming AAPS 2019 to show laboratory equipment for pharmaceutical research. Both Romaco Kilian and Romaco Innojet’s innovative tableting and processing technologies were specially designed for research and development activities.

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press

Pharmaceutical companies engaged in research have for years now trusted in Romaco Kilian’s STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press technology. This user friendly tableting robot is equipped with ANALIS, the intelligent PAT software system which is utilised to develop new formulations, for example, analyse process data or conduct scale-up tests. The technology automatically determines the compression forces that are necessary to produce tablets with a specified thickness or breaking strength. The STYL’ONE additionally creates compression force profiles of all standard high speed presses. Tableting processes can be systematically optimised in this way and errors diagnosed. The single-stroke press achieves a maximum output of 1750 tablets per hour at compression forces of up to 80 kN.

Depending on the test set-up, the laboratory press is capable of manufacturing mono-layer, multilayer or core tablets. The ROCO Pack software can moreover simulate the roller compaction process. Thanks to the highly automated processes when carrying out compression and performance studies, users save considerable time analysing and evaluating the results. With a height of not quite two metres, this compact R&D tablet press is very easy to install and fits into almost any laboratory. The technology is suited for a wide range of applications and is used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The complete process worktable can be replaced, for instance when processing highly abrasive products. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance of the Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution are now much easier owing to the status lamps and utility connections integrated in the machine frame.

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 2.5: laboratory-scale processing machine

The laboratory-scale version of the Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 2.5 is used for granulating, drying and coating particles of any size from 10 µm to 2 mm. Due to its enhanced processing efficiency and the special VENTILUS® design, up to 25% shorter batch times are achieved compared to conventional technologies. Energy efficiency is improved to a similar degree, so that manufacturing costs are lower and the fluidised bed technology has a better environmental balance. The homogeneous flow conditions in the cylindrical product container of the processing machine enable extremely gentle intermixing of the product. The process air is controlled by the ORBITER booster, an ingenious container bottom consisting of overlapping circular plates. Together with the ROTOJET, the central bottom spray nozzle, the ORBITER booster forms a unique functional unit that meets all the requirements for linear scale-ups. The innovative air flow bed technology ensures accurate control of the product movement and equally precise application of the spray liquids. The resulting formulations can achieve the required release profile with between 10 and 15% less spray liquid.

On show at the AAPS in San Antonio, Texas (USA) from 3 to 6 November 2019 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Booth 1919).

Romaco Group

Romaco is a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids. The group provides individual machines and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and packing powders, granulates, pellets, tablets, capsules, syringes and medical devices. Romaco also serves the food and chemical industries.

The Romaco Group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is part of the Truking Group, a globally operating high-tech enterprise based in Changsha (China). Truking’s core competency is handling and filling pharmaceutical liquids.

Romaco operates from four European business sites, with a broad portfolio comprised of six established product brands. Noack and Siebler (Karlsruhe, Germany) supply blister, heat-sealing and rigid tube filling machines. Macofar (Bologna, Italy) markets technologies for filling sterile and non-sterile powders and liquids. Promatic (also Bologna, Italy) specializes in cartoners, track & trace systems and case packers. Kilian (Cologne, Germany) offers compression solutions for tableting while Innojet (Steinen, Germany) is an innovation leader for granulation and coating.

More than 650 highly skilled and committed Romaco employees are dedicated to the development of future product technologies and to the continuous implementation of internal improvement processes. Romaco’s multi-brand system solutions are sold worldwide through six Sales & Service Centres and a dense network of local agent organisations. Over 12,000 installations delivered by Romaco are currently in use in more than 180 different countries.

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