Package around the world

Packaging PR: three packages on a round-the-world trip

What do packages have to withstand when they are sent from Munich via New York, Sydney, Singapore and Johannesburg? And what happens to their contents? Together with our clients Ratioform we carried out a crash test and sent three packages with delicate freight all around the globe. The reason for the unusual PR initiative was a report from the consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest, according to which more than 40 per cent of packages reach their recipients with damaged contents. It is often faulty packaging that is to blame for this. We wanted to show that standard packaging from Ratioform can withstand the stresses of a round-the-world trip.

The ‘crash test dummies’ we used were a beer glass, a PC circuit board and a heavy picture book. The three objects were sent on their journey in standard packaging from the Ratioform range. In choosing the route we favoured the greatest possible differences in climate zones and variations in means of transport.

At the various stages photos were then taken against a distinctive background to document the outer condition of the packages. After almost three weeks and over 46,000 kilometres the outwardly badly battered packages then returned to their point of departure. The unpacking was cause for rejoicing: the beer glass, circuit board and book were undamaged.

The endurance test showed that in the right standard Ratioform packaging even delicate goods will survive transportation all around the world. The specialist press took our idea up enthusiastically. There were many detailed reports illustrated with the photos of the three packages at their stages around the world.