Placing global innovations in the specialist media of 180 countries

Creating prominence through a presence in the international specialist press

The challenge to a press spokesperson is to actively influence demand for current and future company services, often on an international basis. It is no longer enough to define unique selling points in product policy. Rather, they must be brought into harmony with the needs of potential clients. Precisely in ‘complex’ industries such as mechanical engineering, packaging and high tech, products are often already available for which there is as yet no requirement in the target groups. The task of a PR agency is now to awaken needs and offer solutions.

Together with its clients, AzetPR identifies and develops brand values and core competences. The second step is to create a relationship with the target groups. The benefits must be communicated in memorable statements. The acquisition of new machinery, for example, is not just a big investment.

Mostly the plant needs to be integrated into a whole production line. Its purchase is a high- involvement decision which presupposes that the contact is one of trust. But this alone is not enough: only by conveying additional benefits which set the product offered apart from the competition will sales be generated.

Companies with complex products need to satisfy high information requirements. In terms of communication this means that values and benefits to the client must be clearly communicated. The communication must pick up on the requirements of target groups and offer solutions. Straight talk is what is needed here.