Low Interest Produkte

PR for packaging – topics create communication

Although packaging is indispensable in our everyday lives, the interest of the public and the media in this field often needs to be awoken first: packaging materials are seen as low-interest products. Nevertheless, companies in the packaging industry can attract attention to themselves and their products by means of professional topic management.

What is important in this context is precise observation of the business environment by the PR agency. What’s happening on the procurement and sales markets, what are competitors doing, and what topics are the company’s own employees concerned with? The relevant topics need to be filtered out of this environment and influenced with concrete measures geared to the company’s objectives.

It is the agency’s task in coordination with the client to separate the important from the unimportant, identify possible unique selling points and from this derive concrete suggestions for topics. The needs of consumers must be consolidated into topics and products presented to satisfy these needs.


Product PR must always have substance: journalists don’t want advertising messages and slogans, but factual information and clear arguments. The innovative design of special hazardous goods packaging is an unequivocal argument, for example. Individually printable transport packaging evolves into a sender’s business card, suddenly turning a product PR campaign into a sales-boosting marketing topic.