Distribution of PR measures in the marketing mix

1. In the mix:
  • Pricing policy
  • Distribution
  • Product policy
  • Communication
2. By products
  • According to turnover
  • Competitive activities
  • Marketing goals
  • Higher turnover
  • Expand market shares
  • Increase turnover – Prominence
  • More proximity to customers
  • Customer satisfaction

Analysis of potential customers by market segmentation criteria

1. Demographic variables
  • General: industries, company size
  • Geographical: location
2. Procurement concepts of customers
  • Centralised/decentralised purchasing
  • Technology dominates
  • Customers/non-customers\
  • Customers who purchase via tender
  • Price-conscious customers
  • Quality-conscious customers
3. Situational factors
  • Urgency
  • Particular product requirements
  • Order size
  • Technology, usage behaviour

Target markets

  • Size and growth opportunities
  • Structural attractiveness:
  • Competition in the sector
  • Profitability
  • Resources

Competition analysis

  • Who should be classed as a relevant competitor?
  • What strategy is the competitor following?
  • What strengths and weaknesses does the competitor have?
  • What future goals will it be pursuing?
  • What estimation does the competitor have of itself?

Sector analysis

  • Threat from new competitors
  • Threat from substitute products
  • Negotiating power of buyers
  • Further influencing factors such as policy, etc.

Definition of core competences by means of:

  • Differentiators vis-à-vis the competition
  • Core values of the company/organisation
  • Substance of the company organisation

Create added benefit for (potential) customers.

Product positioning

  • Identify the two most important product characteristics the customer finds important
  • How do customers perceive competitors’ products?
  • State desired positioning for new products
  • Undertake a target-actual comparison for existing products

Influencing buying decisions with PR

  • Clearly communicate values + customer benefit
  • Offer solutions- Pick up on customer requirements
  •  Offer explanations- Avoid clichéd phrases

PR action plan

1. Analysis of initial position

    Target/actual comparison

2. Development of communication messages with the following PR objectives:
  • Sales promotion
  • More visibility/attentiveness for our  customers
  • Presentation of industry competence
  •  Presentation of service competence
  • Presentation of innovative competence
  • Customer retention/new customer  acquisition
  •  Employer branding
3. Target groups
  • Customers and potential customers
  • Employees and potential employees
  • Opinion leaders in selected sectors,  business, politics
4. Causing changes in behaviour with public  relations
  • International dissemination of brand values
  • Definition of customer benefits and solutions
  • Reduction of complexity in addressing  stakeholders
  • Creation of an added benefit
  • Reaching the right recipients via all  communication channels
  • Use of conventional media, online media, social media
5. Active information policy taking corporate wording into account
  • Professional editorial team
  • Topic management
  • Integration of ongoing projects and  developments
6. Building up contacts to conventional media,   online media and social media
  • Use of international mailing lists with around  20,000 addresses
7. Database-supported press relations  management
  • Making and strengthening contacts
  • Continuous contact presence
  • Reliable processing of external enquiries
  • Facilitation of interviews
  •  Continuous placing of press releases, interviews, specialist contributions, case studies
  • Analysis of media topic plans
8. Absolute transparency for our clients
  • Regular information by contact log regarding campaign behaviour
9. Success monitoring by scoring model
10. Development of target group-oriented  measures
  • Client events
  • Round tables
  • Parliamentary evenings
  • Workshops
  • Trade fair PR
  •  Investigation of speaking opportunities
  • Building up of networks