PR editorial services and placement

PR editorial services and placement

Multichannel strategy

At the AzetPR communications agency, the editorial team creates and places press releases, and not only this. For us, the topic determines the format. Furthermore, the needs of the target group play a major role. We pose and answer questions such as, “Do the readers want to inform themselves about new products, are they looking for profound professional articles, or do they need a concrete solution for their current challenges?” Our PR editorial team provides SEO-compatible texts for corporate websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures or customer magazines.

PR editorial services and storytelling

We also regularly take on ghostwriting of technical papers and author’s articles. For the trade press, the editorial team produces technical case studies and on-site reports that show our customers’ products in use. These pieces meet with a positive response from stakeholders. Moreover, we produce white papers that explain technically challenging topics and product categories in a clear and detailed manner. It is a matter of course that we also see to suitable photo material.

Reliable and transparent

In order to present products and solutions ideally, we conduct expert interview with our customers. By means of questionnaires, we jointly as well as quickly and easily identify USPs (performance characteristics). We then determine the relevant details and define a target-group-specific focus. In conclusion, we organize the final coordination with the customers.

Worldwide placement

Following the PR editorial services, we place the press releases and articles depending on your region, be it within Germany, Europe or worldwide. We coordinate the distribution lists with our customers, recommend key media and involve in particular those trade journals and portals that our customers prefer. Working closely together with online and offline media, we have personal fixed contact persons. We continually maintain and expand our network of journalists.

Generating leads

As an alternative to placements in international trade media, high-quality content such as white papers can also be used as an ideal sales tool to generate leads. On the occasion of campaigns, many organizations (like our customer Laetus for instance) create landing pages, which are adapted to one specific topic only. Next to initial information, readers are given the opportunity to quickly and easily enter their data, such as an email address. In return, they receive access to particularly popular specialist articles. If desired, AzetPR takes over both the PR editorial services as well as conceptualizing landing page texts.

Measurable success

It goes without saying that we regularly report to our customers. In order to evaluate, we use individual point systems that we develop together beforehand. At agreed intervals, we additionally compile press reviews with the publications achieved, for example also with a tabular overview. This can include the media and countries covered and information on the respective numbers of copies or the forms of publication. We moreover happily enquire about galley proofs or procure web rights including PDF files. Our customers can then publish these on their website as proof for their company’s success.