Social Media

Social Media

You can only be successful if you’re visible. By direct dialogue with the target group, brands can present themselves on the Internet with no wastage.

Social media are a professional tool and open up excellent opportunities at the communication level. But digital technologies have also become a great challenge. If you approach the subject without a competent communication strategy, you’ll find it difficult to present yourself in the relevant channels. Successful presentation in the social Web requires regulation and a lot of time. To let you concentrate on your core business, we can develop individual social media strategies for you. We enhance the prominence of the company, create a positive image and strengthen bonds with your target group.

Defining objectives

The number of followers and fans alone doesn’t count for much. Playing the social Web superficially wastes potential and a lot of time. What do you want to achieve? That’s the core question in professional dealings with social media. Together with you we can establish your objectives.

Social media strategy

We will develop an appropriate strategy so that you’re not moving around the networks disorientated. From conception through interaction and regular monitoring to evaluation is a long journey. Only by well thought-out planning will you achieve credibility and find an audience.

Establishing channels

Internet users make up numerous communities that interact on various platforms. We will find out which community suits you and what channels you’ll be found on to get the most notice.

Determining the target group

The social Web is above all about networking. But before setting up contacts and cultivating relationships, you need to know who you want to deal with. Social media in the B-to-B sphere follows different principles than in B-to-C communication. We’ll help you find the right audience.


We extend your range and win a homogenous target group for your community. Within the numerous possibilities for interaction we’ll steer dialogues, provide information on backgrounds, implement topics and generate traffic on websites.

Social media guidelines

If you decide to communicate on social networks, you and your staff will need rules for using them. Together with us you can work out guidelines for using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing and so on. Social media guidelines protect both companies and their staff.