It’s the cover that counts

Packaging is always with us day to day. Behind it is an SME industry of great inventiveness. We work for companies dedicated to the industrial packaging of foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and non-food products.

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Mechanical engineering

Our experience is your competence.

Mechanical and plant engineering is a leading light within German industry, and the sector counts as a world champion exporter. We manage international communication for our clients in their competitive environment and have been doing so for 40 years.

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A market on the move

The liberalisation of the energy market opened it up to competition. The sector is subject to constant change, there are big opportunities for all those involved, and there is a great need for clarification. In such a situation professional public relations are indispensable.

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Building and housing

There’s always building

The construction industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany. As a heterogeneous industry it traditionally faces great challenges and is driven by innovation. Our public relations work provides it with important support.

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Environmental protection pays dividends

Sustainable economic activity is an important competitive factor today. This is not just a question of image improvement; suppliers and business partners are increasingly being selected according to their CO2 emission figures. We communicate trending topics such as climate protection, ecological power or energy efficiency.

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In the flux of technological trends

Serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, track & trace, cold-chain packaging solutions: The pharma sector is constantly being faced with new challenges. We give the complex communication content of our clients an eye-catching position across all the media.

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